Pride in our research

CPFT is one of the UK's top research active NHS Trusts, running high-quality, groundbreaking research into physical and mental health conditions and supporting innovation. We work to translate the latest discoveries into NHS services to improve care for our patients and ensure they benefit from new treatments.

We believe in the value of scientific research to help us understand and treat a range of conditions affecting people of all ages, which is why we run a large, diverse portfolio with hundreds of studies. Research underpins our services at CPFT by building the evidence base for care practice.
We work with thousands of volunteers every year to find more effective and efficient treatments, for better health outcomes and recovery pathways. Research makes a difference for people now and in the future.

Play the short film below for an introduction to research at CPFT
from our Research and Development Director Professor Ed Bullmore:

Research with care

CPFT is continuing a long tradition of research with care, developing the historic partnership between Fulbourn Hospital and the University of Cambridge Department of Psychiatry. We work with new regional, national and international partners every year. Our research is conducted to the highest standards and informed by the views and priorities of our patients, carers and clinical colleagues, many of whom are world experts in their field. Participation in research at CPFT is a rewarding and positive experience, offered as part of the excellent clinical care provided by the Trust.

Working with CPFT Research and Development 

We set high standards of research conduct and won't sponsor or approve research studies unless we are sure they can be done safely, ethically, and will likely lead to some improvement in understanding or treatment of conditions. We support a range of studies, including small survey projects, testing new psychological interventions, and highly complex clinical trials of new medicines.

Our R&D office is available to help throughout the research pathway, from grant applications and ethics to R&D approval and access to CPFT as a research site.

As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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