Our forum members

Bob Bragger
Fenlands (Chair)

I am the current Chairman of the MS Society CambridgeBob Bragger
and District Group and a full-time carer for my wife that has progressive MS.  I hope to bring my experience working with patients that suffer from neurological conditions combined with a lengthy background in managing national businesses to assist the PPF. 

Nicola Blackmore

I feel privileged to be a member of the PPF. I am a service user, carer and volunteer with many years' experience Nicola Blackmore working in education. I hope to help build upon the wonderful work already undertaken by Forum members in partnership with the CPFT to ensure that the patient's voice is heard in an open, compassionate and collaborative way and to develop services to provide better health for all. 

Andrew Deller

I have used mental health services for the past 15 years have taken part in CPFT delivery design and feedback Andree Deller projects, so I know from experience the importance of organisations which generate open, honest brokerage of patient & carer feedback to those who provide community and hospital services.  

I worked for ten years at Lifecraft, a Cambridge-based User Led Organisation, and was an early Board member for Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living – reflecting my longstanding commitment to pan disability issues & welfare rights. To give voice to those whose voices are less readily heard and whose spectrum of needs continue to be poorly met in today’s society. 

Louise Garner

I live in thLouise Garnere Cambridgeshire area and work in the voluntary sector. Having worked with CPFT on a professional basis and having personal lived experience as a carer and service user.  I believe that the Patient Participation and Partnership Forum, with service user input is in the unique position to improve the quality of life for people experiencing poor health. I feel there are opportunities for collaborative working together to ensure the skills and passion that service users hold can be used to develop local services which are needed and sustainable for future generations.  

Katherine Gravett

I’m passionate about advocating for patients andKatherine Gravett

My son was severely injured when he was eleven after he was hit by a bus. At that time, I was dealing with a relapse in my condition (ME) following the birth of our third son. We are patients and caregivers and have often had to fight for the support we needed. 

I have experience in brain injury rehabilitation, long term disability, mental health, and special educational needs. I also work with the NIHR to highlight the unmet needs in rehabilitation. The PPF offers me a chance for collaboration and positive change. 

Kim Laidler


Kim LaidlerAfter I trained as a peer support worker last year, I was keen to share my fellow peers’ voices about the mental health services, so I became more and more involved in co-production that was taking place in CPFT and the local community. This then led to me becoming a non-executive Director at the SUN network and also volunteer for CPSL mind and Arts and Minds. I am keen to continue my journey in co-production, I feel it is empowering for all involved and the process can be inspiring, exciting, and motivating. For me it gives a feeling of being equal and creating something together. 

Kimberly Lavery
Kimberley Lavery

I wanted to join the Patient Partnership Forum as a
former service user that has been helped tremendously
by local services. I am still involved with the services as my son is receiving treatment from the local team. I hope to learn from others on the panel and to give my input on local service provision. 


Christine Brown

I have used CChristine BrownPFT mental health services in the past and it was such an empowering experience that I would like everyone to have access to the services that are out there and to make sure that everyone knows the experience that they will gain. I am all about community – I am currently a Community Champion working for the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service helping the elderly and vulnerable to be safe in their own homes. I am also hoping to become a Community First Responder. I feel honoured to be joining the PPF. 

Rajnikant Shah

I look forward to working with other members. I haveRajnikant Shah
used the service previously and recovered from depression. I have always felt to give the community, whatever I can as a gratitude of what the community has given me and my family. I am also a carer and a community lead within the Indian community, where friends discuss various health issues. I was a panel member on the Valuation Tribunal Service, and we also aid Addenbrookes Chaplaincy with regards to final Hindu rites when required. I am a Director and work as an interpreter with an interpretation agency.

Gary Moran

I have reGary Morancently retired from a 38 year career in transport Health, Safety and wellbeing. I have experienced anxiety on and off most of my adult life, so I have used CPFT and other alternative treatments, such as mindfulness, over the last 10 years.

Now I want to use my skills and experiences by being part of the CPFT participation and Partnership Forum to help and support CPFT users service experience.

Louise Blencowe

I joined the participation and partnership forum asI am
passionate about ensuring the voices Louise Blencowe of service users are communicated and heard by CPFT and across other healthcare organisations in the local area. As someone who has used services in the past I feel it is important and necessary to bring to attention and discuss issues that could be affecting the quality or efficiency of how services are delivered and implemented as well as the impact it may be having on patient care.
My main areas of interest are children and young people's mental health, carers, improving crisis services, personality disorder treatment and care and strategic planning. I am an advocate for positive change, improving mental health and crisis services, which includes better provision of care for those with a diagnosis of personality disorder or complex mental health conditions. I am also passionate about addressing stigma and discrimination in the workplace as well as promoting more training and awareness for healthcare professionals on mental health.

As a patient

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